Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Books, Tests and Criminals

Random thoughts -

We did, in fact, do steak night at Hangar 2 and it was great.  Steve cooked.  I sat on the deck under the fans.  Awesome.  We ate, drank beer, watched the magnolias bloom, and came home.  Total relaxation!

No new dog damage.

My copy of The Manchurian President arrived today.  I had to take the book jacket off though.  Disturbing.

Okay, Bride.  believe it or not, when I wrote that post I heard your voice in my head.  I made the call and am working out a schedule with the CAT scan guy.  My deal isn't fear of the test; it's just reluctance at taking off work YET AGAIN when I only have 3 weeks of school left.  But I know, and you're right, and I'll do it.  Thank you for caring!  :)

And in something not having to do with my personal life (imagine that!)  I want to point to Andy McCarthy's post about the car bomber.  I wondered this at the time but figured I was too unschooled in such things to understand what I was talking about.  Turns out I wasn't.  McCarthy wonders:

So why unnecessarily release a complaint that lays out valuable information and then refrain from holding the presentment? By doing that, the Justice Department has told the world — including anyone who might have been working with Shahzad — both what Shahzad has told investigators and that he is continuing to help investigators. Why would we want to do that? 

Why tell his cohorts that he's talking and cooperating and WHAT he's telling us, if we don't have to?  Why make it all public knowledge?  So fast?  And of course, he comes to the inevitable conclusion.  Read his post to find out what it is.  I bet you can figure it out first.

Okay so I'm going to read my new book and rest my pleurisy.  I'm making the appointment, Bride, I promise!


BoR said...

Glad to hear it. Be brave. A few hours and you'll at least know what you are dealing with and the right way to get rid of it.

The Oracle said...

I agree that authorities should have been more tight-lipped about the bomber's cooperation.
The first clue his trainers in Pakistan should have had about him spilling his guts should have been a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator.

Red said...

So you'll listen to her but not everyone else harping on you to go get checked out. At least you've made the appt. Thanks BoR for being persistent!

BoR said...

She senses my authoritative aura over TCP-IP. ;-)