Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Java is Reunited With His Family!

Java was freed from the Animal Shelter this morning shortly after 8 a.m.

If you've been following the story, the home where Java lived with his people caught fire a couple of weeks ago and so Java had no place to live.  While his owners were relocating and finding another home, the animal shelter came out and captured Java.  Due to be euthanized the next day, a "caring neighbor," aka Steve, went down and paid for his rabies shot and boarding for ten day to spare his life.

Steve got in touch with Java's family and told them Java had been saved and as it turns out, they have found a place to stay where they are able to keep Java.

Steve met them at the animal shelter this morning and returned Java to them.  The photo is Java in the arms of his owner; I can't tell you why they shaved his head.  No explanation for that.  But he's happy tonight and so a special thanks to Red who chipped into the tip jar to leave a donation for Java.  Thanks to you, he's got no worries about rabies for at least a year!

Thanks also to those who expressed concern and who tried to find a home for Java in the event his owners couldn't be located.  If you're looking to adopt a pet, please consider your local animal shelter.  There are lots of loving pets there waiting for a home.


Red said...

YAY!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! Oh I'm so relieved and so happy that the sweet Java kitteh has been reunited with his family! Thanks for the follow up.

Reaganite Republican said...

A little more concern from Java's family might have been nice... they seem kind of careless, just sayin

But the story made our (rainy) day here... I hope they show Java the love and support strangers felt so compelled to-

Pat Austin said...

@RR: I wouldn't be too hard on Java's family; in all the commotion of the house fire, firemen in and out, and the loss of their home and possessions, I think they did as much as they could to find Java. They were thrilled to get him back and very grateful for their neighbor locating him.

I'm glad there is a happy ending, and that at least the family got their pet back, if not their home and their possessions. That's something, I guess.

Happy endings are good! ;)

Reaganite Republican said...

Sad story, and good job Pat!

I was just thinking if it was my wife... she wouldn't even notice the house on fire if she was missing the cat, ha

.....CLIFFORD said...

Glad about Java being reunited with his family. For an encore, can you reunite Flash with my iPhone?