Monday, May 17, 2010

In Which I Post The Ag Commissioner Ad and Properly Hat Tip Stacy McCain

I didn't blog much this weekend; I'm just digging in mentally and getting through this last week and a half of school.

I have been reading my blog buddies though, and I saw Stacy post this ad, which is now everywhere:

It caught my eye when Stacy posted it because I'm not ALL THAT far from Alabama and stuff like that interests me.  So I made mental note of it.  Then what do you know, there it is much later on Hot Air by AllahPundit without so much as a hat tip.  There's even a Memeorandum thread on it.  I was reminded of Stacy's oft repeated refrain, "Allah hates me."

Stacy updated his post as others linked to the ad, or also posted the video, and he noted Allah's lack of hat tip.

The reason I even mention it is because Stacy said...

Although I don’t do the atavistic blood-vengeance enemies-list thing — it’s too much hassle to keep track of all the people who’ve screwed me over – I must occasionally point out how I get screwed over, just so that my peers in the Chopped-Liver-Sphere know that they’re not alone.

Solidarity is very important in the Legion of the Doomed. Otherwise, we might become even more demoralized than we already are.

...which I appreciated because, well, everyone gets screwed out of hat tips.  I've posted breaking or novel stuff before and, following Rule 1 of How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog, will mail it out, then get skunked.  It sucks, but what are you going to do?  You can't waste time being mad.

Anyway, it's a cool ad for Ag Commissioner!  ;)

On another note, we finished watching The Pacific last night.  The series  started out sort of rocky but I tried to keep the faith that it would pick up and redeem itself in the end.  It did.  Loved it.  What heroes those young men of that generation were.  Good Lord.  Incredible stuff.

I'm off to work.  Have a happy Monday and remember to hat tip your blog friends when you use their stuff.


Red said...

Good blog etiquette goes a long way.

david7134 said...

We need that guy for president.

G.R. said...

Holy Cow! My new hero!