Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Weekend

The graduate and his sister.

We had a big day yesterday as the Teenager graduated from high school.  My daughter and her husband came in from Dallas for the occasion.  After the ceremony we all went to Outback where I had WAY too much to eat. 

It's been a nice weekend but exhausting! 

This week brings 2.5 days of finals, one day of teacher inservice, then SUMMER!  Bring it on!


Jim said...

Pat, you have a fine looking son and I know you are proud of him. Congratulations and best wishes to him.

Pat Austin said...

Thanks, Jim. I hate that he won't smile in pictures! It's rare to catch one of those for a photo because, well, it's "not cool" or something.

But thanks!

Andy said...

Congrats to the young man! Good old BHS...

My Daddy was Class of '53. I'm a '77 grad myself. #1 son, Class of 2000, #2 son, Class of '01, #3 son, Class of '08! Still have one more boy who'll be there year after next.

And as to the "won't smile" thing...#3 son (my soldier) was EXACTLY like that...still is.

Good on the young man! God bless and prosper him! They sure do grow up quick, don't they?

Pat Austin said...

Hmmmm, I surely know #3 son, then and maybe No 2. son; I got to BHS in 2001. Hmmmm.

Love BHS!

Andy said...

Pat, I sent you an e-mail about my boys. You might know them...

Love BHS, too!