Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are Tea Partiers More Dangerous than Ron Gochez?

There's a video making the rounds of  Los Angeles activist Ron Gochez, a high school teacher in Los Angeles, promoting revolutionary behavior in a speech at UCLA in 2007.  Gochez is a Social Studies teacher at Los Angeles' Santee High School. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

For some background on Gochez and his tactics, check Donald Douglas at American Power.  He's done some research on this guy.  He's not your average high school teacher.  On his MySpace page he posts "Viva La Raza!"

MEChA and La Raza are, of course, one in the same.  Many organizations consider themselves La Raza and MEChA is no exception.  MEChA, you might remember, is one of the organizations leading protests on university campuses against the Arizona immigration bill.  One university subjected to such a protest, and mock raid, was Cornell University.  Another was Yale. 

MEChA has chapters at nearly 300 American universities and a few high schools (partial list here) including University of Texas and University of Houston.

For more background, Michelle Malkin has a great post/column from July 2008:  15 Things You Should Know About The Race.  

In light of the events of this past week with Cinco de Mayo and the apparent growing tensions on some high school campuses between Latin American students and American students, what are we to make of all this?  Are we just becoming hyper-sensitive to this issue now?  I don't think so.  I think tensions are seriously on the rise.

As a sort of disclaimer, let me say this, though:  I teach in an inner city school where we have a real mix of kids.  Our entire population is about 650 and we have a true mix of whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern kids.  We don't have any racial tensions at our school whatsoever - none.  Zero.  Zip.  Oh, we have teenage angst and drama, but it's not racially motivated.  The kids at our school all get along and most have grown up together.  Many of the prejudices of their parents or grand parents just don't exist for them.  I know this to be the case in many schools.  But it does appear that this is a growing problem in some areas.

John Griffing has an article over at American Thinker that is worth your time.  He points out that this problem will only get worse unless it is addressed:

While not every Mexican immigrant desires the overthrow of the United States government, seventy percent of them say that Mexico comes first in questions of loyalty. Is this the kind of immigration America wants or needs? How can America be a nation if its inhabitants pledge allegiance to another flag? What about when those of Latino birth occupy a majority share of the U.S. population, as is predicted to occur by 2050? This is a problem that needs to be addressed now.  

Griffing goes on to provide some background on MEChA and its propaganda.

While the mainstream media and Janet Napolitano are worried about "Tea-Baggers" and radical right wing extremists personified in military veterans and Tea Party patriots, they seem turn a blind eye to the radical left fringe that Gochon represents.  This is the kind of person they should be worried about; Gochez and his followers have no interest in becoming Americans or assimilating into American culture.  They don't want to learn English or abide by the Constitution.  In fact, most of what La Raza represents or advocates is subversion of the Constitution.

Yes, America is a melting-pot; we're made up of many different cultures.  And we are not so arrogant that we think everyone should be like us.   We're made up of many different cultures.  But that's not what Gochez is interested in.  If you listen to him, and watch the video, he's advocating revolution and overthrow of everything we stand for.

And he's teaching high school kids.  How many more like him are out there?  And why isn't DHS paying attention?

As Bride of Rove said of this video, ignore it at your peril.

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Anonymous said...

And the left tries to call the TEA Party people seditious? It is offical the world is upside down.