Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Thoughts for Monday

We're on countdown now - 3.5 more weeks of school.  In English II, we're still working on Julius Caesar and beginning Act II today. 

We took it sort of easy around here this weekend as I'm still dealing with pleurisy.  I'm back to the doctor this afternoon for a recheck and progress report on that.  I won't bore you with details as many of you have been listening to me whine for 5 weeks now but I'll just say I'm sick and tired of it.  Pain when you breathe gets old fast and that increases exponentially when you have to cough or sneeze.  By the end of the day I'm worn out just from breathing.  How pitiful is THAT!?  Ye Gads!  Pity party!

I'm lucky to have Steve to put up with me.  He took me out to dinner Saturday night and surprised me with a lovely diamond pig necklace.  (Steve grew up on a farm in Iowa; he also works in law enforcement so...he's not cracking on my weight.)  We spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy and doing minor errands and then watched The Pacific last night. 

The Pacific is getting panned here and there, but I'm enjoying it.  It's not Band of Brothers, but it doesn't need to be.  We already have that.

The news on my desk this morning is all about the Gulf oil spill and about the Times Square car bomb.  The situation in the Gulf is just heartbreaking.  The wildlife that is in such danger now, and the way of life of the people there now at risk.  I live in north Louisiana so I'm well removed from the coast, but I know the way of life down there and those are some of the hardest working, best people you'll ever meet.  Fishing those waters is all some of those people know and many have been doing it for generations.  This spill threatens to take that away from them for a long time to come.

But no, the answer is not to abandon offshore drilling.

And I'm not ready to play the "Blame Obama" game like the libs did with Bush on Katrina. 

Just fix it, is all.  Make it stop.

At any rate, I must quit blathering and get to work.  Caesar is waiting.  Have a happy Monday and I'll check in with some weightier posting later.


Bob Belvedere said...

Good Luck at the doc's.

Red said...

An off sub FYI: Rep Talbot is pulling for states rights with HB94.

david7134 said...

We need more offshore drilling! What we don't need is BP. That company has a long history of foul-ups. I wonder if it has to do with government ownership?

Steve Burri said...

Let Steve know that, in law enforcement, pig stands for Pride, Integrity, and Guts!