Monday, May 24, 2010

But What About Mary Katharine, John?

John Hawkins has posted his list of The 15 Hottet Conservative Women in the New Media and I guess through the day folks will be adding their two cents.  My two cents?  I'm wondering why he left off Mary Katharine Ham.  

I guess with fifteen slots you've got to cut somewhere.

Last week he did the 10 Hottest Liberal Women.  Notice he has 10 for the libs and 15 for the conservatives.  Proof that conservative women are more attractive? 


Reaganite Republican said...

You have a point about her, Pat- hard to leave MKH out

And to quote Silvio Burlesconi:

"The left has no taste in women!"

Red said...

Conservative women are more attractive probably because intelligence is a turn on.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Conservative women are way hotter than liberal women (my God did you see that list of 10 Hot Liberals? There are three that can be so-described, the rest are all either average--see prettier women at the supermarket--or outright hideous.). I think Megyn Kelley should have been on there, too. Then again, the entire on air female staff at Fox are "hot." But they probably had a hard time selecting only 15 (and had to keep it at least somewhat close to the sad 10 for libs).

mikeb302000 said...

Pat, I guess you're too young to remember a little thing called "women's liberation." You should read up on it. One of the ideas in women's lib is you don't encourage the objectifying of women.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

@ mike, well, that seems only to hold if the women are not conservative. Or do you speak out against the sexist treatment of Sarah Palin, perchance?

If you do, my apologies. If you make exceptions to your snooty little declaration for conservatives, then you do exactly what every single liberal does (hint: it's called hypocracy), and worse, it's using something important--racism, feminism--for political gain and not because you actually hold to those beliefs.

mikeb302000 said...

My snooty little declaration was just that, a snooty little declaration. If you take a quick look on my blog you'll see no sexist attacking of Sarah Palin. But on yours, you've got hot babes, and whose side has hotter chicks.

And worse yet, based on your guess that I make exceptions for Conservative women, you said that's "what every single liberal does."

Objectifying women and generalizing, you're on a roll.

Anonymous said...

I'll be objective here. There are very few exceptions for "hot" liberal women, but for those exceptions their attitudes detract from their looks, most liberal women look like the north end of south bound horse.

Anonymous said...

"Objectifying women" - what the fock does that mean anyway? How is admiring and praising someone's attractiveness "objectifying"? I don't want to have "relations" with an object, such as a toaster or lawn chair, I want to have "relations" with a human. Therefore admiring the beauty of a woman in either an aesthetic or a sexual sense, or both, is entirely humanizing, not objectifying. (Although I suspect that many liberals focus most of their sexual attention on objects rather than people, so maybe that is what has confused them)

Lefties have soooo much respect for "nature", so they say - well men being attracted to women is part of nature. Why, then, are the lefties so bothered by it? Could it be that they would rather pervert nature than participate in it?