Friday, May 21, 2010

Linkage for Friday

A couple of quick links this morning as I'm off to finish my last full week of the school term; next week we have finals.

No Sheeples Here makes some excellent points about Calderone's rabid criticism of America and American law while standing in front of our Congress and in the Rose Garden of our White House.  To no one's surprise, Obama vapidly watches and agrees.  The only thing missing was Obama waving a small Mexican flag and bowing to Calderon.

Bride of Rove analyzes Obama's State Dinner in honor of Calderone and prices everything out, concluding with some devastating commentary on Obama's "leadership" in this economic crisis.

The Wall Street Journal notes what we've been saying all along about the possibility of keeping your employer based health coverage.  It's going away, in case you didn't know.  And you're going to be paying more out of pocket for replacement coverage and no, in most cases, you won't be getting a subsidy.  Well, unless you're already on the welfare chain, then you might.

And finally, American Spectator adds some commentary on the Apology President who has concluded that America is something to be ashamed of and so represents it to the world. 

On those happy notes, you see why I'm blogging about cats being reunited with their families.  It's all too depressing to fathom.

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Red said...

This pResident sucks.