Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Traditional Media is Now "Frustrated" With The White House

It would appear that the "traditional media" is getting testy at being dumped by The White House for "the new media." 

This would be the same "traditional media" that helped drive Barack Obama's narrative during the campaign, that covered for him, that refused to chase down the real stories and hunt information on an unknown candidate while reporting instead on his latest HORSE game or his trip to the ice cream shack. 

The White House had a staffer interview Elena Kagan shortly after the briefing announcing her selection.  The interview was then posted to The White House website causing ire and rancor among the press pool who laments that the White House is filtering Kagan's message.  Via CBS News:

While the White House seems to believe the American people deserve to hear from Kagan, it has not made her available to reporters. That prompted some consternation at today's White House briefing.
"It appears that Solicitor General Kagan did an interview yesterday right after the president's announcement," said a reporter. "You've now posted that on the White House Web site. Who did the interview? And can I have one?"

"I think it's -- I think it's on the website if you want to see it," responded Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Soon after, the reporter can be heard saying, an edge in her voice, "So a White House staffer interviewing her."

Gibbs says yes, and the reporter asks if Kagan would like to do another interview.

"She has -- she's not told me that, no," replied Gibbs, prompting the reporter to respond, "Tell her we're deeply frustrated." 

"Deeply frustrated" indeed. That's how many of us felt when the mainstream media refused to investigate or report on the many dark and undisclosed areas in Obama's background.  Forget the birth certificate issue; I'd have been more interested in his associations with Rashid Khalidi, for example, (remember that tape the LA Times refused to disclose?), or those mysterious college transcripts and papers, among other things.

If the mainstream media is frustrated by the stonewalling by The White House they truly have no one but themselves to blame.


LL said...

They've been puppets of first candidate barack hussein obama and then of the regime once he took office to the extent that many call them the state-run media. I'm sure that there are reporters out there with a small splinter of journalistic integrity in their hearts. (yes, very few of them as it seems) Some of them may be frustrated.

The mainstream/state-run media management seem to back the regime completely no matter what hijinks they pull.

Red said...

Awww. Teh media gets thrown under the Obama bus and haz sad. What did they think was going to happen? Captain Commie wants his own pravda.

Tina said...

This administration has been abusive to the Press since before the election, when they tossed reporters from conservative papers. I'm sure the Press Corps thought that he'd change, once he saw how much they really really like him. And then when he shunned then on Inaugural Day, they probably thought they deserved it because, you know, they had made that tuna casserole for dinner...

Can't say they weren't faithful for two years of being told how unworthy they are and how Gibbs et al would be nicer if the Press Corps would only straighten up and act right and look pretty. Bless their hearts though it looks like they may finally get their eyes opened after all.

I'm sure it's a painful realization for some of these folks. But it will probably make them better reporters in the future.

The Oracle said...

Yes, it's rather amusing that they're discovering what we knew all along... pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.