Monday, May 10, 2010

Machete: Coming to a Theater Near You September 2010

Can you hardly wait to see this film?  (Trailer NSFW!)

It is, of course, Machete, an actual film inspired by a fake trailer from a 2007 movie.  The plot, in short, centers on a former Federale named "Machete" who is double crossed while trying to assassinate a corrupt senator who is deporting illegal immigrants.

Jessica Alba has the role of an ICE agent and her boss is played by Don Johnson.  She gets the plum assignment of hunting down Mr. Machete after he escapes from a hospital.  Steven Seagal is cast as, (what else?), a drug lord.  You also get the good fortune of a gun loving Lindsay Lohan (kidnapped by Machete) and a gang of pissed off machete wielding illegal immigrants seeking revenge on the guy that double crossed our hero.

Are you freaking kidding me?!

Try the LEGO version - probably better.

Update:  I might add also that the comments at the YouTube post of this video are just crazy!  To be honest, when I first watched the trailer I thought it was spoof.  Satire.  Imdb bills it as "Action" but even if it is campy satire I believe there's enough in there to incite the goofiest fringe out there, and no, I'm not talking about the Tea Party.  Irresponsible.

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G.R. said...

Hey! Another fun loving movie from those on the left who accuses us on the right of waging hatred toward those we disagree with.

Those idiots in Hokeywood will claim, "It's only a movie!," and deny that if anyone imitates actions in this movie, oh excuse me "FILM" that blood will be on their hands.

Speaking of Hokeywood, a lot of these idiots have been turned loose on Shreveport and Bossier City lately, while they are "filming". I have been in several restaurants and can't but help overhearing these nitwits' conversations. Talk about pretentious and self important.

And these people, who work in a world of make believe, are telling us in the real world how we should live?

Pat, you got me on my soapbox!