Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Checking In

Ever have one of those days when you're so jammed up you can't get ten minutes to even throw a blog post together?  Or eat a sandwich?  Or empty the trash?  

Oh, I had three or four really great posts rattling through my brain throughout the day but couldn't get any of them posted. 

I was jammed up at school today - still killing Julius Caesar.  I went to mom's directly after school and got tangled up in battling with the Social Security office - don't even get me started on the computerized phone menus - and then had make phone calls to a handful of other places on her behalf because the Social Security office said I had to...*stress*.

From there?  Bank.  Post office.  Burger King for the teenager.  Got home in time to throw a roast in the oven which came out at 7:15 which is probably prime dinner time for most but about an hour late for me.  Clean-up detail after that and now, here it is, 8:00 p.m. and I'm wiped. Probably prime blogging time for most, but my brain function by now has crashed. 

About all the doctors can suggest for this damn pleurisy (outside of a bunch of tests that I don't want to do and am actively procrastinating) is plenty of rest and lots of anti-inflamatories but I'm not sure when I'm supposed to be able to do that.  Maybe after May 27 when school is out.

Tomorrow looks to be as busy as today except we're probably going to do Steak Night at Hangar 2 on Barksdale which thankfully means no cooking for me tomorrow!

So, except for this little pity-party-post, no further blogging for tonight.  I know...my blog is on life-support I think, but summer is coming and that means full time writing!  The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. 

I just hope it isn't a train.


Tina said...

May I suggest you try acupuncture, if you have a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the area? I've never had pleurisy but Traditional Chinese Medicine can be very useful for inflammatory kinds of things. There are limits to what it can treat but a good Practitioner will know, and a google search suggests acupuncture as an alternative. It absolutely does not hurt (is relaxing actually) and it is inexpensive.
No need to approve this, just wanted to pass the suggestion on.

SWAC Girl said...

LOL. Good to know others have crazed days, too!

sheryl said...

i've played w/ the social security people several times after daddy passed away and again to help mom take care of business and every time got so frustrated and upset not only w/ the phone menu but also the rude stupid people on the other end - when you finally get someone. in one situation, a couple of people i talked to acted like i just fell off the melon wagon. i kept reading a letter mom got that said i needed to call this number to discuss a situation. i kept repeating parts of the letter and the letter said to call THIS number. we finally ended the call because the people had no clue. i called the local ss office and they were WONDERFUL!!! the lady i talked to even remembered mom and the situation a month later when i called back.

Red said...

OOo! Acupuncture. Good suggestion. One of the guys posting on blogger turned me on to a function that allows you to create posts and then posts them as you set them to post instead of waiting for inspiration to strike and trying to squeeze in an awesome thought between life moments. Last night was pizza night for us. I have guests and didn't feel like rushing home to cook. Unfortunatley most of my week has been like this. Good luck and enjoy the steak dinner. I really hope your chest gets better soon.

G.R. said...

If you are getting frustrated by the Social Security people wait until you have to deal with the Obama Care people. They'll be the same caliber of people working for the same federal system.

Scary, hunh?

BoR said...

Dammit! Get the tests done. If I can go through two days of blood sucking hell (and I'm not even sick) you can handle a few tests to save your own life. If you are still sick something is wrong.