Tuesday, February 21, 2012

City Commissioners Go a Little Bananas


The Commission shot down District 3 Commissioner, Michael Williams' ordinance to ban wearing sleepwear in public.The Commission voted 8 to 4 not to put the item on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

Commissioner Joyce Bowman wore her PJs to the meeting to show her disapproval of the ordinance and says there are more important problems to address.

"What the police and the sheriff needs to do is to go out and get those folks that were shooting up everything last night. That's what they need to do and leave folks alone when it comes to wearing what they want to wear," said Bowman.

"Wore her PJs to the meeting"? 


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MikeAT said...

Years ago I was working at a pizza place and the manager called an employee meeting at 8am. I was on the night shift with a few friends. I came in sucking coffee and some pills. George and Subodh (who had both helped me close the place down the night before and we were all on three hours sleep) came in their PJ's eating Frosted Flakes. Funny as hell.