Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to Mardi Gras!

Tomorrow is our first parade of the Mardi Gras season; there have been a couple of minor parades already but the first of the three "big" parades is tomorrow.  Here is my report from last year.  Mr. SIGIS and I will be there ready to roll!

We have three big parades here; first is the Centaur Parade.  It kicks off at 4:30 this year and begins at the Preston end (for you locals) and ends up downtown.  The route next week for the Gemini Parade will be reversed.  Our normal parade spot will be right at the beginning of the route tomorrow which is nice because it's supposed to get fairly cold tomorrow night.  If we play our beads right, we could be home just after dark.

The Barkus and Meoux parade is this weekend, too.

Mr. SIGIS and I will miss the Gemini parade this year because we have Jerry Jeff Walker tickets, but we'll be at the Highland Parade the next day.

We've already consumed one king cake this year.

I'll have to get up and get my Saturday duties handled early and we'll head out to people watch, walk the streets, sit by wood fires, eat way too much, and scream our lungs out for cheap plastic beads made in China while sipping beer. 

Stay tuned for photos.

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Andy said...

Pat, you're a braver man than I am. The wind is blowing about four million miles an hour...temps dropping like a rock...and the only warm spot I can find is a bathtub.

Have fun.