Friday, February 10, 2012

Why I Dropped My NEA Membership

From my school inbox today, a nugget from the NEA:

NEA members:  Become an Educator for Obama.  Now more than ever, we need to elect a President who shares our vision for a stronger America.  Do your part and pledge to be an educator for Obama today on the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education website.  The website also features information on other NEA recommended candidates for federal office (Democrats and Republicans) as well as the profiles of NEA Fund members and the latest news on the election. 
I'm glad I dropped my membership.  I did this in July after the NEA decided at their convention to endorse Obama and to raise PAC dues from $10 to $20 to put toward their support of him. 

Out of curiosity, I looked at their list of "recommended candidates."  It includes Gabby Giffords; should I let them know she's not running?

In Massachusetts they're supporting Markey (D), Niki Tsongas (D), and William Keating (D), among others. It's quite a list, actually.

Nope, NEA.  You can keep your liberal candidates and I'll keep my money.


Andy said...

Good on ya', Pat!

I dropped my NRA membership a few years back because they...well...I just dropped it.

And, when I get junk from the AARP it goes immediately to the circular file.

Screw 'em! And, I will not buy a GM, or Dodge, either. Screw 'em!

My little "business going elsewhere" will probably do ZERO damage to any organization or company. But, it makes me feel better...and with as much crap swirling around me/us least there is that.

Boxer Gardens said...

How did you do it? I've been trying to find out how to drop membership, but can't find any information. My dues are taken directly out of my paycheck, so I can't just stop paying.

Pat Austin said...

Mine was payroll deducted,too; we have to "te-up" or recommitt each year. So I had to wait until that option period came back around which in my case was when school started. Check with your payroll dept or school bookkeeper.