Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say YES, Tim!

Local Barksdale Airman Jamie Walden was on Fox News this morning discussing her invitation to Tim Tebow.  So far Mr. Tebow has not responded.

Jamie's video is here.


Andy said...

Pat, this is a great story. And, a really cool young chick at the heart of it!

Thanks for the update.

I saw this morning that a lot of the Denver area network affiliates are talking about this on their local shows/sites/blogs, etc.

Lots of fun in an otherwise dreary late winter!

He's gotta say "yes." He's got to know that!!!

Tony said...

Why does he "gotta" say 'yes'? Am I missing something? Why doen't she just find a local date? This is the "look-at-me" world we live in today.

Anonymous said...

These invitations to celebs to attend proms and balls are getting tired. Leave them alone.

Andy said...



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MikeAT said...

Tony, Anon

A few generations ago, before you had Youtube and Facebook, celebrities did do dates like this. The difference is back then the signers/actors/athlete's had this arranged by their handlers through a contest of some type.

Modern times, celebrities get "called out" by people on computers. If they don't like that then don't put yourself in front of a few million people.

Let this young lady (she looks early 20s) enjoy this small dream and her 15 minutes of fame.