Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Audacity of The One

Once again I am filled with a sense of doom about Mr. Obama. Oh I was trying to be fair, trying to be optimistic, filled with hope 'n change and all that, but seriously - I'm done with that.

According to the Washington Post, BHO is putting the finishing touches on his very first budget. Seriously - his FIRST budget ever. He didn't have to make a budget before as a community organizer and he didn't have to make one in his 42 days in the Senate either.

He has the nerve to suggest, now that Porkulus has been rammed down our throats, that it's time to reign in "fiscal irresponsibility" and get "spending under control." What audacity! Reign in fiscal irresponsibility? After moving us into the largest government spending era EVER? After funding Nancy Pelosi's mice habitats and Harry Reid's pet projects? And he's going to start with cutting spending on "winding down" the war in Iraq and by raising taxes on the "wealthy" (but RAISING the troop levels in Afghanistan - is that a wash?)

Someone should probably tell Obama that it is the wealthy that MAKE jobs, so to raise taxes on the "wealthy" and on businesses is probably not the best thing to do in a recession. Does he think that businesses will just take that loss and not pass it on to the consumer? And what happens later when he tries to live up to his campaign promise to raise minimum wage to $9.50 per hour by 2011? Between raising taxes on business owners and printing new money for Porkulus, inflation is fixing to skyrocket like we've never seen it.

The Post also says that Obama proposes "a fairly aggressive effort on tax enforcement" which I'm assuming will start with his own Cabinet appointees.

From there, he plans to move on to a "broad restructuring of the U.S. health system" in an effort to be sure that every American has health coverage, which in case you missed it, and I surely did, is somewhere in the Constitution that health care is an entitlement. Housing is in there too. We're all entitled to health care and a house. Ask Peggy the Moocher and Henrietta Hughes.

Joe the Plumber, scoff if you must, but he was dead on when he nailed Obama on this income redistribution. Take from the rich, give to the poor. But the poor don't make jobs, the rich do. Welcome to socialism.


Anonymous said...

"We live in the greatest country in the world, a nation which has the strongest economy wherein our dreams fulfilled. So I urge you all to join me to change it. This is the change we can believe in"

-Barack Obama

I know, I know, we should be so proud that we finally have a president that is acting quickly on is campaign promises. But can someone explain to me who this quote, and it's a real quote, makes any damned sense?

I know BO's IQ is way off the charts. There hasn't been any release of his IQ numbers, but we have to believe it, because someone in the media said it. Therefore, it has to be true.

And since I am a knuckle dragging, Bible believing, Constitution and Second Amendment believing, conservative Neanderthal, I wasn't blessed with enough IQ to figure out how taking the "greatest country in the world, a nation which has the strongest economy wherein our dreams fulfilled" and "changing" it will make it better?

Isn't that like taking a perfectly running lawn mower apart to see why it's running perfectly? I just doesn't make sense.

Reigning in fiscal irresponsibility by practicing fiscal irresponsibility doesn't either.

And one big reason why the Republicans lost is because they were going down Fiscal Irresponsibility Highway. So, libs and Dems beware in 2010.

NeNe said...

inflation was going to rise b/c of a multitude of things done in the last decade - and this man has been in charge a very short time - but of course you put ALL the blame on him

Anonymous said...

From what ever happens here on out, you can't blame it on Bush.
And if you would read the last paragraph of my first comment, you would see who I was blaming.