Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yard work, iPhones and Stimulus Debate

I spent the morning working in the yard a bit. I mowed, raked, fired up the weedeater and the blower. Also got out the old hedge clippers and cut the English ivy back on the fence before wasps and yellow jackets decide to move in. I haven't touched the flower beds yet but it's a bit early for that.

I also finally synced my iPhone to my computer, created a custom ringtone (LSU Fight Song) and learned how to send a picture on Tweetie (not hard.) So all in all, it's been a productive Saturday so far!

This afternoon I've been watching the stimulus debate in the Senate. Here's the PDF of the post-compromise version. The total on it at this point is 780, 215,025. Senator Vitter put up an amendment that would ban handouts for ACORN failed 45-51. Payback and all that.

Most of us realize that tax cuts aren't the only way to go; we know that some spending must occur, but nobody should want wasteful spending or spending that won't actually be stimulus. If you read the proposed bill as it is now, you will see LOTS of spending that does not need to occur as part of this bill.

At any rate, before the rest of my Saturday gets away from me, I am off to do exciting things like grocery shopping and helping my mom with her taxes. Tonight - MEXICAN FOOD! And MEXICAN BEER!

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Nikki said...

Go buy the Rocky Artue game in the iTunes store. It just came out today. My company developed it. :)