Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Morning Thoughts

I finally caved in and bought an iPhone; I spent all last night playing with it which is why no blogging has been happening here, much. I'll settle back in soon!

I did notice though that Mr. Obama is venturing out of Washington today as he goes to a resort in Williamsburg to discuss issues with U.S. House Democrats during their annual retreat. He'll fly back to Washington tonight. No time for a quick visit to Kentucky to check on those freezing folks down there. He's got bigger things on his plate, like regulating how much money people can earn.

Lots of folks were buzzing about the Victor Davis Hanson piece in the National Review yesterday. I read it as well and it filled me with gloom. But I couldn't argue with one word of it.

I'm still watching the Porkulus boondoggle and read where there may be a vote on it this week. Good lord. I don't see how that's even possible. But, Mark Halperin says "CNN cites sources saying the president believes he has the votes to push the legislation through by Friday." Push through would be the right phrasing. Nuance.

And if you missed it yesterday, check out the NRO piece on Geithner and Daschle. The errors made by Geithner were much more egregious than those of Daschle, so why does he get to stay? Overall, this cabinet selection business has been a rotten mess filled with three withdrawals and multiple ethical issues (can you say THIRTEEN lobbyists?!) to be sure. Not that anyone expects that sort of thing to be perfect, but the media has built this up to be the smoothest transition EVAH and quite simply, who could possibly live up to that? But the Obama team failed in a big way on its "vetting process." Guess that multi-page questionaire they had to fill out had some gaps in it.

Obama signs yet another executive order today, this one on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships which will impose potential restrictions on the hiring practices of religious groups that receive taxpayer dollars, among other things. Well, we all need a little faith right now, but I don't think that's what this order has in mind.

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