Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I'm paying for my yard work frenzy of yesterday with a day in allergy hell. I woke up this morning and knew right away that cutting back all that English Ivy while my Allegra prescription was empty was a big mistake. I broke out the Zicam allergy formula and tried that. I finally went around the corner and filled my Allegra ($70!) and felt almost instantly better.

I made spaghetti sauce this morning and it's been simmering all day. I made meatballs, too. Kind of wishing now I'd made some brownies, but am too lazy now to do it. We've had GREAT weather this weekend, almost like spring, and I've got windows and doors open. I hope the weather holds for our first major Mardi Gras parade next weekend!

I watched the Sunday talk shows this morning and all the talk was, of course, the Porkulus bill. How in the world can the Senate be ready to vote on this bill on Monday when their version only came out at 11 p.m. last night and is well over 700 pages? You just KNOW they can't have read the thing. The common feeling seems to be panic - "Well we HAVE to do SOMETHING!" Even if it's wrong, we'll worry about it later! Incredible. I'm proud of John McCain for speaking out against it, and our own David Vitter among a few others.

I love Mark Steyn. I don't know anybody else that could pull off such a comparison:

Appearing on "The Rush Limbaugh Show" last week, I got a little muddled over two adjoining newspaper clippings – one on the stimulus, the other on those octuplets in California – and for a brief moment the two stories converged. Everyone's hammering that mom – she's divorced, unemployed, living in a small house with parents who have a million bucks' worth of debt, and she's already got six kids. So she has in vitro fertilization to have eight more. But isn't that exactly what the Feds have done? Last fall, they gave birth to $850 billion of bailout they couldn't afford and didn't have enough time to keep an eye on, and now, four months later, they're going to do it all over again, but this time they want trillionuplets. Barney and Nancy represent the in vitro fertilization of the federal budget. And it's the taxpayers who'll get stuck with the diapers.

Read the whole article; it'll make you laugh.


Sarah said...

I rarely listen to Rush's fill-ins but I'm glad I listened to Steyn. I have a whole new appreciation for him!

Hope you feel better!

sheryl said...

i was watching john hagee (tv preacher from texas) yesterday afternoon. his topic was financial apocalypse. he said if you had a business that started at jesus' birth and you lost a million dollars a day, you'd still have another 700 years to make the whatever trillion (or whatever the figure is) of debt. he really hit the nail on the head when he discussed the banking bail out.