Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Highland Parade

For the first year ever, I did not catch a hot dog. So sad. And I did not catch a moon pie, either. I did catch an oatmeal cookie. Ick.

Steve and I took his friends Denise and Jim and we had a big time. The weather was perfect and now I am all Mardi Gras'd out!

I loved Trudeau and the Second Line - awesome as always.

Sandy, I swear I think that's you in the black hat and Steve and I both "hollered" at you but I don't think you knew who we were! If it wasn't you, tell that lady I'm so sorry I yelled at her two nights in a row!

There was an adorable little boy standing near us and we gave all our stuff to him. He'd had his face painted and his mom was hovering behind him, letting him catch stuff. But the bigger kids were killing his chances so we were helping him out. To me, that's the fun of Mardi Gras!

The odd thing about the Highland Parade is that it goes in a big circle through the historic neighborhood, so if you catch it at the front end, as we did, you can't leave because you are trapped by closed streets as the parade goes through. So we drove in a vicious traffic jam circling through the neighborhood for 30 minutes. It was almost funny. Not quite.

If you want to see more pictures, follow my flickr link in the sidebar.

Great parade!

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Sandy said...

OMG! It is me! Can't believe I didn't hear you! We had a large time, but today I am exhausted.