Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Note on Blogging

A note on blogging:

A Facebook friend noted today, "I can't keep up with your blog posts!"

Don't get used to it; I slacked off in 2013 because real life kept me busy.  I probably suffered from some blogger burnout, too.  Like a lot of conservative bloggers, I got real disheartened after the last presidential election.  Between the two, I didn't do a lot of relevant blogging last year.

I'm coming back off life support though, I think, and am feeling more motivated, as you may have noticed from the onslaught of posts over the past couple of weeks.  I'd like to thank Professor Jacobson for continuing to link and support me throughout my layoff.  I couldn't ask for a better blog-buddy.

As I get back to work next week posting will slow back down a little, but I intend to stay active here and make daily posts.  I'll continue to blog the political issues that pique my interest and there will likely be more local issues as well.

I'm not exactly a niche blog.  I write about whatever I want.  Difficult to pigeonhole.  Regular readers know on any given day I'm either a political blog or a travel blog, sometimes an antique blog, sometimes a local issues blog.

In other words, you never know what you're going to get.

I'm less motivated by site hits than I used to be, however it won't hurt my feelings if you share a post you like with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.  I like links, too, if you're a fellow blogger. Sharing is caring, as they say.  Sometimes hits equal cash via the Donate button or Amazon links, and I'm never averse to cash.  Most of my spare cash goes to animal rescue groups anyway, so it's a win-win for everyone.  Either that or beer.  Beer is good.

Anyway, glad you're still here, and hope you'll stick around.

(Oh, and a disclaimer:  I've blogged a few times recently about teacher issues such as low morale; that's just newsworthy stuff and in no way meant to reflect my own personal situation as a teacher.  I love my school, my kids, and my job.  I'm in a good place.  So don't take it personally if I write about teaching.)


Tina said...

Glad to see you are getting your heart back into it. Writers gotta write. I've been pretty active on facebook this year. It is not a good medium for me, but it is where everyone I know in the real world is, and it's fast. Sharing of FB gets content in front of people who otherwise would never see it.

I'm musing on ways to get more content on my blog with a little more speed or ease. There are always stacks of ideas and half-written stories waiting on me. It needs to get out of my notes and onto the blog.

Anyway I have missed your commentary so I am glad the rest has rejuvenated you. Here's to the Good Fight in 2014! :-)

Donald Douglas said...

Well, I still throw you a comment and a link now and then, heh.

Hang in there, Pat!