Thursday, January 16, 2014

Please Watch This Viral Video

I'm working 16 hours today y'all so no time to post anything profound or any deep analysis on anything but - please, do me a favor and watch this video:

And then go here and watch Glenn Beck's interview with this woman.

I'm literally drowning in work, paperwork, absorbing new initiatives, making new manipulatives, writing lesson plans, monitoring senior projects, responding to parents, attending meetings, and trying not to get the flu.

Watch Karen Lamoreaux's video and interview and let me know what you think.  I really want to know.


Adrienne said...

Wow...very impressive woman. Anyone who has delved into common core knows it's about the money. Always follow the money. "They" don't give a rip if the kids actually learn anything.

I work with a young man who just started "college" (North Idaho College.) He is in a remedial math class. Guess what's he's learning? The times tables. Yep - that's right.

In the meantime, while Karen is fighting the good fight, any parent who is able should be home schooling their children.

Jayhawk said...

"Draw eighteen circles with ninety hash marks." Seriously? How to solve math problems by counting on your fingers. We don't need no steenkin math.

Some thirty years ago I was dating a school teacher who was outraged by "new math" which also wasn't math at all, and which eventually went away. This is even worse.