Monday, January 6, 2014

Phil Needs Your Help

It takes a special sort of person to work in animal rescue.  

I couldn't do it because I'm too soft hearted in all the wrong ways; I'd cry every single day for all the starved, abused, and abandoned animals that you see.  I would want to take every single one of them home with me, and face it, you can't do that.

We are fortunate in our area to have several dedicated animal rescue organizations and the best most of us can do is to try to help them in whatever way we can.  Some of us can, and do, volunteer time and others of us can donate money.

The rescues need both.

Local animal lovers responded in a huge way when the story of Braveheart broke.  Braveheart today is a testament to the love and support of animal lovers.

Now there is another need.

Lumberjack Rescue in Springhill, Louisiana introduced Phil on their Facebook page this weekend. Phil was found starving and abandoned in Monroe, Louisiana.  Go here to see a video of Phil.  Justin Thomas, owner of Lumberjack, is having Phil vetted and evaluated; until he is able to get to a vet they are not sure of his age just yet or his medical issues, but clearly malnutrition is an issue.  Many dogs found in this condition are heart worm positive although we don't know about Phil yet.

I've made a donation to Phil and to Lumberjack Rescue. 

I know it's just after Christmas, everyone is clamoring for your money, and we're all broke or tightening down our finances, but please consider digging deep and donating to Lumberjack for Phil and for all the other dogs Thomas and his volunteers are working to save.  You may already have a favorite rescue organization for your donations, but consider this poor dog.  

Phil needs your help.

You can make a donation via Lumberjack's Facebook page:  there's a "Donate" button just under the cover photo, although use a browser other than Chrome to donate this way.  When I tried it with Chrome the PayPal window didn't open, but when I did it through Firefox it worked fine.  You can also donate straight to Lumberjack's veterinarian:  McMahon's Veterinary Hospital, 318-539-5114.  You can also donate through this blog via the Donate button on the sidebar; all donations received through January will go straight to Lumberjack for Phil's care.

Remember, no amount is too small.  

(I'll update this post once the vetting information comes in.  Check back.)

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