Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baseball Field to Hockey Rink

Here is a cool time-lapse video of the transformation of Wrigley Field into a hockey rink. Game time is noon, Central Time, and they are expecting snow! And we will be pulling for the Blackhawks.

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steve said...

I'm not a Blackhawk fan, but I don't hate them either, but I do hate the Redwings. So, naturally I am pulling for the Blackhawk. Besides, they have one really neat jersey and logo.

Years ago I had the pleasure of seeing a Saturday afternoon game at Wrigley Field, before they put up the lights and ruined the place.

I have been a Cubs fan for years, and for years I have been disappointed, but I still love the Cubbies. I wonder if anyone will be sitting in the bleachers that are on top of the apartment building across the street.

I've always thought if I ever lived in Chicago I wanted to live in that building. How neat would it be to live on the top floor, and having your recliner in front of the window overlooking Wrigley Field. To a Cub's fan, that would be heaven. And tomorrow, if you were a Blackhawks fan, you would be warm and cozy.