Sunday, December 28, 2008

Work in Progress

For Christmas this year Nikki gave me a gift certificate for a blog makeover from Penny Lane Designs. Nikki recently had her own blog redone and it so totally suits her personality and her blog that I'm hoping for similar miracles with mine!

I told Marina (the makeover maven) that I don't hate the design I have now, it's just boilerplate and lots of other people have it. I'm kind of nervous because I'm so freaking picky, but I've looked at this girl's work (check her blog link on her site linked above - she's got all of her designs there) and I have faith that we can work together and I will love the result!

So to all of my fifteen readers, one day in the next few weeks you might notice a different look! And if you want a makeover of your own, go check out Marina's site!


Nikki said...

what did you ask for?

Pat Austin said...

I gave her a basic color scheme (not totally unlike what I have now, but with some brick-ish red) and gave her some image ideas for the masthead (no photos, though); I said clean and simple - not scrapbook-ish and not too cutesy. Simple. I gave her a couple of references, too, one from the web and one from her design (I like the airplane thing she did for the military family, but I don't want an airplane...).

I'm not sure about the sidebar stuff, and I told her that; I'm assuming you can still change or update those at will?

Nikki said...

yeah you can always add sidebar stuff later. i didn't do it b/c i'm always adding and changing sidebars, so i didn't want some to have cute designs while others don't, and i don't want to have to constantly pay to add a new sidebar treatment when i do add them so that they will all be consistent. i don't wish i had done it, and i think you'll probably be fine with not doing sidebars b/c the real star of the show will be whatever header she designs for you.

Pat Austin said...

Oh no, I didn't mean add cute sidebar things - I just want to be able to change them often, like you and I both do. I copied your What I'm Reading Now thing, for example! :)
Or if another hot discussion topic pops up, I like to post those links, etc.
I'm more interested in a cool masthead and and background.