Monday, December 22, 2008

Film at 11: NO ICY ROADS

From our local news station's website:

"The KTBS News team has made calls all around the Ark-La-Tex to keep you updated on how the winter weather may affect you. Currently there are no icy roads to report. Stay with KTBS 3 News Now as we keep you up to date with the winter weather."

Hunh? No icy roads is a news story? WTF?


steve said...

Since I don't watch Channel 12, and only watch Channel 6 on occasions, I can only comment on Channel 3's weather coverage. Sometimes it's like watching a comedy act.

I can't remember if it was last year of the year before, when the "Big" Sleet Storm hit the Shreveport-Bossier City area. It sleeted for about 15 minutes. By that time Bossier Schools had dismissed, and everyone was sent home.

Channel 3's spent the entire 30 minutes time slot at 5:00 and 6:00 about the storm that wasn't. They had a reporter reporting on the road conditions in Texarkana and how one should drive on icy roads, that weren't, in Texarkana.

They had a reporter in Marshall, Texas reporting on the conditions of the icy roads, that weren't, and how one should drive on icy roads in Marshall.

Then they had a reporter reporting on the icy road conditions in Shreveport reporting on the icy roads, that weren't, and how one should drive on icy roads in Shreveport.

No lie. That really happened.

sheryl said...

if someone wants to drive on ice roads, come to iowa! yesterday mom and i went to mt ayr. i took the interstate and highway 2. the interstate was clear but highway 2 had ice patches and solid ice on the sides near the shoulders. i took the kellerton road home and it was ice packed. mt ayr and lamoni streets are ice packed and i was concerned about mom getting from the car to the other side of the curb to the sidewalk. when we went to hy vee and pamida, i drove clear to the doors to let her out so she didn't have to walk on the icy parking lot.

when i stopped at donna's for her chocolate cake roll, i was slipping and sliding walking to her house. all i could think of was twisting my knee when i am getting ready for my atlanta trip. we made it home safely and today i'm packing for a warmer climate. (sara said it was -2 degrees in clear lake yesterday. that was the actual temp and not the wind chill!) i come!

steve said...

Oh oh! Pat and I need to retract our criticism of Channel 3. There were some ice on the overpasses and bridges last night.

Ok, so they were some what on target. I'm just surprised they didn't go hog wild and spend two 1/2 hour news programs on the winter weather and how to drive in it.

Sheryl, Pat and I have a friend, Sarah, who lives in the Atlanta area. She has been reporting it has been cold there, too. BRRRRRR!
Those 50 degree temps may be too much for you guys up in Iowa. :)