Friday, December 12, 2008

On Celery and Shakespeare

In class this week we were discussing Act 3 of Caesar and the contents of Caesar's will as described by Antony. Antony told the crowd during his funeral speech that Caesar had left each man 75 drachmas. In explanation ("What's a drachma!?") I said that this sum was about the equivalent of three months salary for the average Roman worker.

As I graded papers today, one of which asked the question, "What did Caesar leave in his will to the people?" I was told that "Caesar left three months of celery to each man."

That's a lotta celery.


steve said...

That's funny.

I think I know why NASA flew the space shuttle to stay here at Barksdale for the past few days. Because of all the rocket scientists that are in Pat's class.

steve said...

Maybe the soldiers were going to make a salad for "Caesar".