Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Cap and Trade Looks in the Senate

Even though the Senate has delayed the vote on Cap and Trade, do NOT back off the campaign to contact your senators! Keep the pressure on. It's working.

Here is one chart from Real Clear Politics on how the Dems in the Senate stack up.

Chart via Real Clear Politics.

Below is my informal survey of how each Senator would vote and a link to why I think so. If you find one that you know is in error, please comment.

Akaka, Daniel (D- HI) Yes
Alexander, Lamar (R-TN) No
Barrasso, John (R-WY) No
Baucus, Max (D-MT) Yes
Bayh, Evan (D-IN) UNSURE
Begich, Mark (D-AK) UNSURE
Bennet, Michael (D-CO) Probably Yes
Bennett, Robert (R-UT) No
Bingaman, Jeff (D-NM) Yes
Bond, Christopher (R- MO) No
Boxer, Barbara (D-CA) Yes
Brown, Sherrod (D-OH) UNSURE
Brownback, Sam (R-KS) No
Buning, Jim (R-KY) No
Burr, Richard (R- NC) No
Burris, Roland (D- IL) Probably Yes
Byrd, Robert (D-WV) No
Cantwell, Maria (D-WA) UNSURE
Cardin, Benjamin (D-MD) Yes
Carper, Thomas (D-DE) Yes
Casey, Robert (D-PA) Probably No
Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) No
Coburn, Tom (R-OK) No
Cochran, Thad (R-MS) No
Collins, Susan (R-ME) Yes
Conrad, Kent (D-ND) UNSURE
Corker, Bob (R-TN) Possible Yes
Cornyn, John (R-TX) No
Crapo, Mike (R-ID) Probable No
DeMint, Jim (R-SC) No
Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Yes
Dorgan, Byron (D-ND) UNSURE
Durbin, Dick (D-IL) Yes
Ensign, John (R-NV) No
Enzi, Michael (R-WY) No
Feingold, Russ (D-WI) Likely yes
Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA) Yes
Franken, Al (D-MN) Likely Yes
Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY) Yes
Graham, Lindsey (R-SC) No
Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) No
Gregg, Judd (R-NH) Possibly Yes
Hagan, Kay (D-NC) Unsure
Harkin, Tom (D-IA) Unsure
Hatch, Orrin (R-UT) No
Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R-TX) No
Inhofe, James (R-OK) No
Inouye, Daniel (D-HI) Probably Yes
Isakson, Johnny (R-GA) Probably No
Johanns, Mike (R-NE) No
Kaufman, Edward (D-DE) Yes
Kennedy, Ted (D-MA) Yes
Kerry, John (D-MA) Yes
Klobuchar, Mary (D-MN) Yes
Kohl, Herb (D-WI) Unsure
Kyl, Jon (R-AZ) Probable No
Landrieu, Mary (D-LA) Likely No
Lautenberg, Frank (D-NJ) Yes
Leahy, Patrick (D-VT) Yes
Levin, Carl (D-MI) Possible No
Lieberman, Joe (ID - CT) Yes
Lincoln, Blanche (D- AR) Likely No
Lugar, Richard (R- IN) Likely No
Martinez, Mel (R-FL) Yes
McCain, John (R-AZ) Possible Yes (and here)
McCaskill, Claire (D-MO) No
McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) No
Menendez, Robert (D-NJ) Yes
Merkley, Jeff (D-OR) Yes
Mikulski, Barbara (D-MD) Yes
Murkowski, Lisa (R-AK) UNSURE
Murray, Patty (D-WA) Yes
Nelson, Ben (D-NE) Likely No
Nelson, William (D-FL) Unsure
Pryor, Mark (D-AR) No
Reed, Jack (D-RI) Yes
Reid, Harry (D-NV) Yes
Risch, James (R-ID) Likely No
Roberts, Pat (R-KS) No
Rockefeller, John (D-WV) Yes
Sanders, Bernard (I - VT) Yes
Schumer, Chuck (D-NY) Yes
Sessions, Jeff (R-AL) No
Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH) Probable Yes
Shelby, Richard (R-AL) No
Snowe, Olympia (R - ME) Yes
Specter, Arlen (D-PA) No
Stabenow, Debbie (D- MI) Yes
Tester, Jon (D-MT) Probably Yes
Thune, John (R-SD) No
Udall, Mark (D-CO) Yes
Udall, Tom (D-NM) Likely yes
Vitter, David (R-LA) NO
Voinovich, George (R-OH) Unsure
Warner, Mark (D-VA) Yes
Webb, Jim (D-VA) Likely yes
Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI) Yes
Wicker, Roger (R-MS) No
Wyden, Ron (D-OR) Likely yes

Here is another poll of Senators and a count. They have the count at 30 Yes, 25 No, and 45 undecided.

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