Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stormy in Shreveport

If you're a Stormy Daniels fan and live around here, she'll be in Shreveport Friday as part of her "listening tour." Here are the released dates and appearances so far:

Thursday, July 2

What: Listening tour (Stormy will also be participating on the gun range)

When: July 2, at 2pm

Where: Barney's Police and Hunting Supplies, 218 Four Park Road, Lafayette, La.

Friday, July 3

What: Listening Tour

When: July 3, at 11:45am

Where: Southfield Grill, 317 Southfield Road, Shreveport, La.

What: Roosters Fourth of July Celebration

When: July 3, at 4pm

Where: Rooster's Country Bar, 100 Dearman Road, Delhi, La.

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