Thursday, December 2, 2010

Because the START Treaty is So Much More Important Than The Economy...

If nothing made clear the differences between conservatives and liberals before, Juan Williams surely did on Fox this morning.

Consider this article from Karl Rove in the WSJ this morning regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts which says (emphasis mine):

If that happens, every worker will receive a smaller paycheck in the New Year. This will happen regardless of what action the new Congress takes—because the Treasury Department must very soon send employers and payroll processers instructions for 2011 tax withholding. If no bill passes in the next 10 days, the Treasury Department will have to assume the Bush tax cuts expire and order more withheld from everyone's pay.  The impact would be dramatic. H&R Block's Tax Institute, for example, has estimated that a married couple earning $80,000 will receive $221.48 less in each bimonthly paycheck starting in January, just when Christmas bills show up.

And Juan Williams tried to argue that Americans are more interested in the START treaty and the DREAM act.  Seriously?  

Senate Republicans have sent a letter to Harry Reid saying basically, we aren't doing ANYTHING until we do taxes.

You tell me.  What do YOU want Congress to deal with first in this lame duck session?  Tax cuts?  START?  Amnesty? 


Laurence L. said...

Since it really is not a tax cut, I want to see a real tax cut bill as well as a spending freeze except for military/defense, passed and put in action.

Otherwise, I don't want to see Congress do any bloody thing at all, and I want the Republicans to stick to the voted will of the people, and stymie the Dems and RINOs, Reid and the continuingly arrogant witch of the west.

Political helmet to helmet contact, and take a 12-gauge to the lame duck session.

Hutch said...

for the sophs

G. R. said...

Sometimes you can watch Juan's facial expressions, and you can tell even he doesn't believe his own bullshit. Then again how can any liberal believe their own bullshit?