Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Flame Wars Here

The blogosphere is such a funny place, and I do mean that it a good way.

Back in early 2009, when my blog was about six months old and my blogging savvy quite raw, I found Bill Jacobson's Legal Insurrection blog.  I don't remember how but I'm guessing it was through Stacy McCain's blog which I found by reading American Spectator, but that's a whole 'nother story, as they say.

So I found Legal Insurrection, liked it, and linked it.  But not very well:

Legal Insurrection is another great blog I've just discovered, full of quick, newsy bits and links. Love his quote from the Paglia comlumn!
My oh-so-breezy-style ruffled Professor Jacobson's feathers:

Quick, newsy bits and links? My dear, why not just drive a stake through my heart? Must you mock me for all the world to see? Why not just say, "I just discovered this loser blogger who doesn't have the time or intellectual strength to lift anything more than links and news tidbits."

....and the blogosphere was on the verge of a serious Rule 4 Flame War.

Somehow, I apologized, Stacy invoked peace...

... and all was well.

Or not?

Last night, in response to my "I'm so tired" whining, Professor Jacobson wrote:

Let me guess, you worked the fields all day, so you don't have the strength to push down on the keyboard with your bloodied, swollen fingers?
He was, of course, mocking himself and his own burnout stories.  A few of his readers, whom I now ADORE, took up for me and now....the clarification.

Who am I to argue with a tireless and indefatigable blog goddess...

That whole "blog goddess" thing?  That would be me.  Thanks for clicking over, LI readers.  We're all friends, here.

Where are my cigarettes?


Steve Burri said...


Andy said...

Where are my cigarettes?

Maybe your Mom swiped 'em when you were out there.

Funny stuff, Pat.

yukio ngaby said...

A cigarette? so that's what the post's picture was. I thought it was volcano erupting at night or something...

Bride Of Rove said...

Sure. It's all fun now, but soon it'll turn ugly somehow and he'll grow fangs. And someone will end up dead ... or worse ... *eg* I can help with this. What would you like me to do?