Sunday, November 13, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: Minden Fasching 2011 Edition

Your FJMRA was delayed this week because we spend the day yesterday in Minden, Louisiana at the second annual Fasching.  Minden's Fasching celebration kicks off the winter holiday season and then there will be another one in the spring, around Mardi Gras, to close down the season. 

The celebration yesterday drew really large crowds and was a terrific boon for the Main Street shops (like my friend Milly Rose's Second Hand Rose Antiques shop) and for all the street vendors that came out.

Steve and I helped Milly in her shop off and on throughout the day and from time to time took a break to pop outside and listen to the German music which ran throughout the day with a string of live bands. 

We ate German food (I can recommend the Schnitzelwich and the Currywurst!)...

We drank German beer, and checked out a few home brews at the beer making exposition:

There were clowns making balloon animals for the kids:

There were church bake sales and  "ice-skating" (well, it wasn't really ice, but I applaud the effort and the kids loved it):

And even Santa Claus walking through the crowds. 

There was a little petting zoo set up at one end of Main Street which was pretty cool. 

The day ended about 7:00 with fireworks (which sent Milly's Boston Terrier, Heidi, into shivers of terror), and after helping Milly close up the shop, we got home around ten, exhausted, but with a great day behind us.  Milly's shop reminded me of something from A Christmas Story with its lights and window displays:

Kudos to the folks in Minden who organized the day; Minden works hard at its festivals and it shows.  Even the dogs were having fun.

Great little town!

And no, I did not DVR the Republican debate.

Pirate's Cove looks at the issue of paper towels vs. air dryers for drying your hands.  I hate those air dryers.  I don't care if paper towels DO contribute to global warming.

Stacy McCain has photos and a report from last night's debate.

Fishersville Mike reports that all at Penn State is not bad.

Doug Ross has a couple of top ten lists for you; this one involves guns.

The Daley Gator caught the debate last night and reports that Rick Perry was "on his game."

According to Legal Insurrection, the occupiers in San Fran now carry shivs.

Adrienne posts on the bulldozing of Occupy Salt Lake but I liked the pictures of the cool things you can do with wooden pallets!  Love the lounge chairs!

Fenway Nation posts on Obama's punting on the Keystone Pipeline.

The Camp of the Saints has a righteous rant for you to check out.

In time for Veteran's Day, Saberpoint has a cool picture of an eagle on a gravestone and the story to go with it.

Pundette makes the case for home schooling.

Be sure to check out Wyblog's weekly jobs report, this one on the tax breaks for hiring veterans.

Politicaljunkie Mom is pulling for Perry and wonders "why is Gingrich still up there?"

That's about it for this week.  Hit the links, folks! Maybe even link back every now and then.  That would be cool.  According to Technorati, which is, of course, far from perfect, I got NO linky love last week.  If you linked me and I didn't know it, please let me know.

And now, here's a blast from yesterday's Fasching in Minden - The Czech Melody Masters:


Adrienne said...

Thanks so much for the linky love. You guys do so many fun things.

Check out Funky Junk Interiors. Click on her "unique projects" on the sidebar. I think she has a bunch of pallet stuff (among many other things.)

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks for the linky love, Pat, and a belated 'Thank You' for last week's.

Thanks to you, I'm in the mood for a brat and a beer.

Adrienne said...

I left a really nice comment yesterday and obviously blew off without making sure it posted.

So - I'll try again. First, thanks for all the linky love and second, have you ever been to Funky Junk Interiors? She does lots of stuff with pallets (and anything else the rest of us would throw on a trash heap. Very creative lady.

Oh yeah - I'm jealous of all the fun stuff you guys do.

Pat Austin said...

It came through but I didn't see it until today. It ended up in my Spam filter for some dumb reason. AOL mess. Sorry!