Monday, November 28, 2011

Grand Cane Pioneer and Trade Day This Weekend

How is cyber Monday going for you?  Getting lots of shopping done?

I'm planning on doing some old-fashioned "in person" shopping this weekend in Grand Cane.  If you're in the local area, put this Saturday's Grand Cane Pioneer and Trade Day on your agenda!  The activities begin at 10:00 and last throughout the day.

Jody Gore and the DeSoto Arts Council will do a classroom demonstration with adults and children in the craft of making corn husk dolls.  Severn Doughty will display tools and goods that typically were used by pioneers. Joe Hartley, a nationally known wood carver, will demonstrate his craft. Wayne Roberts, with experience in local archaeological digs, will have a display of assorted arrowheads.The event will also feature craft, art and food vendors.

There will be a horse & buggy parade, lots of vendors and demonstrations, not to mention shopping! There's the Raven Bookstore and Village Creations antiques, and oh, the wonderful quilt store! 

It's a quick drive to Grand Cane from Shreveport/Bossier so get on out and see what's happening over there. 

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Tina said...

I perused Amazon yesterday and made my list, then while home for lunch today, I went through your Amazon search link and bought some presents. The meat grinder attachment for Paul's KitchenAid had dropped in price overnight from $42 to $36! This and the sausage stuffer were on his Dear Santa list. (I think it's safe to post here as he probably won't read comments on this post ;-) )
I ordered our 12 yr old grandson a book on soap carving - the book even tells how to make your own tools. It's a good way to see if he likes carving before investing in wood carving tools.

Sounds like a fun event. I love watching artisans ply their craft. Our town had a Pioneer Day a month or so ago and it was great. It's easy to forget just how much fun walking around the streets at these fairs can be! Have a great time.