Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sorting It Out

I have not sorted out this Cain harassment mess out yet. Shoes are dropping so fast I can barely catch my breath BUT if there's any truth to the fact that Perry's dirt diggers are behind this? 


It doesn't help Cain, certainly.

And it sure doesn't help Perry.

It helps the anti-Romneys, though.  It helps Newt.

And so, we're back to Newt.

But, like I said.  I haven't sorted it out yet.  Give me a moment.


Anonymous said...

Think of all the stuff that Bill Clinton got away with during the 1992 presidential campaign and while he occupied the White House. I'm not a Herman Cain supporter but think he can survive this. Might even be Romney's VP choice if Rubio won't take it.

david7134 said...

Newt is not a conservative. He clearly supports socialised medicine and likes big government. The same goes for Romney. Perry is a nut. That only leaves Cain (who really cares about his sex issues?) or Paul. I would love Paul, as would most people I know. You have to remember that all men of any influence were sued in the 90's for sex issues. You couldn't even say anything to a woman.