Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We're In American Thinker Today: Check it Out

If you get a moment today, please check out my article over at American Thinker:

Even though Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal just won re-election in a landslide victory, there is a growing rumbling of discontent statewide among conservatives.  While Jindal is being touted nationwide as the next great hope for the Republican Party, there are folks in Louisiana who would beg to differ.  How can that be with such an overwhelming mandate?  In last week's election, Jindal carried all 64 of Louisiana's parishes.  What could be wrong?

It's similar to my previous post on Jindal, but goes into more detail. 

See also my recent post on Jindal's new slush fund.

Lest it seem like I'm picking too much on ol' Bobby, let me just say, I like Bobby Jindal.  I think he's done a lot of good for the state, but like many other conservatives, I want him to live up to the campaign promises he made.  The never-ending brouhaha over NGOs continues every legislative session despite Jindal's vow to veto any request that did not have state-wide benefit.  He's raised the ire of many with his frequent nationwide travels.  

And now, John Alario.


Chad Rogers at The Dead Pelican has info on how to contact your Senator if the Alario situation outrages you as it does me.


Jim said...

Pat, great article and congrats on the link!

Mr. SIGIS said...

I'm proud of you! Sounds like a dinner celebration is in order!