Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slow News Day?

The New York Times has pulled all the journalistic stops today in its profile of Rick Perry's military career and Mitt Romney's barber.

Yes, it's true.  The Times dug up Rick Perry's old military and college buddies from 40 years ago and wrote a 1600 word profile on the Texas governor filled with such nuggets as this:

Uniforms were to be kept “neat and clean,” according to the student handbook, with “shoes and brass shined.” An infraction by one cadet meant punishment for the class.

The first year was so difficult, said Tony Best, a Perry classmate, “I saw guys come in and throw themselves on the floor, crying.”

And Mitt Romney's barber?  We learn:

“He wants a look that is very controlled,” Mr. de Magistris said. “He is a very controlled man. The hair goes with the man.”

Mr. Romney’s is a restrained, classic look: short at the neck, neat on the sides and swept back off the forehead. “It is not something stylish,” Mr. de Magistris noted. “It is clean and conservative.”
No wonder the NYT never went after Obama's college transcripts or dug into his association with Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers!  No wonder we knew so little about the candidate with such reporting chops as this on display.

Is it just a slow news day?

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Kartman said...

I do not trust most of what I hear or read in the media. Too bad a lot of people believe anything that is reported. I don't understand how anyone who understands Obama's association with the likes of Wright and Ayers could vote for him. If someone goes to Wright's church for 20 years and claims that he never heard anything anti American or anti Jew is a lier. The media did not question him about that but look at what was done to Sarah Palin. Sounds like objective reporting to me. Right? This scares me.