Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopping with SIGIS

I just saw a report that the Kindle Fire is expected to hit four million in holiday sales! That's a lot of fire. Consider doing your shopping from the safety of your laptop this year and help your blogger friends get a little kickback from your shopping.  SIGIS will periodically be providing shopping links and suggestions for your convenience and as always, you can search through our Amazon search box on the sidebar which helps YOU and it helps ME!

And be sure to check out the SIGIS store, complete with a Christmas wing.


Tina said...

If I do a search from your search box, then use it to link to the product from my own blog (like the book I mentioned today - now showing a link derived from your search box), will it still credit you if someone clicks on it from there, or do the referral links expire?

Since I am not an Amazon affiliate, it makes sense to flog friends :-)

MikeAT said...

My friend Darren at Right on the Left Coast just got his and as a present I sent him to the Steve Jobs bio. He's loving both.

Pat Austin said...

@Tina: I'm not sure but I'll check it out!

@Mike: I've tried reading a book on my tablet. Just can't do it. I've been reading Cheney's book forever it seems. Meanwhile I've read 3 or 4 print books. It's ok for my periodicals and papers though. I'm old school, I guess, and can't adapt. :(

MikeAT said...


How's Cheney otherwise....I'm halfway through the Jobs bio and love it.