Wednesday, October 29, 2008

At the Birdfeeder


steve said...

I am so glad this bird feeder is a little higher than the one you put in the front yard a couple of years ago. That thing was a little too low to the ground, and it became a "cat feeder".

I was laying on the couch one afternoon and enjoying watching the birds eat. I couldn't see the ground, just the sweet innocent bird eating out of the feeder. And what a surprise to see a cat jump up and grab the bird.

Horrified, I ran out and raised the feeder to where a cat couldn't have easy access to the birds.

Another time I was on the couch and watching a squirrel hanging upside down and having a good time at the bird feeder, then the I could see the poor thing was in distress. He was trying desperately to right himself.

I went to the window to see why the squirrel was acting so excited. Under him, licking its chops, was a big old fat cat. If that cat was starving or out in the wild, I would have turned away an let nature take its course, but a well fed neighbor's cat, no way.
I chased the cat away and saved the squirrel.

It's probably the same greatful squirrel who chewed a hole in your roof and too residence in your attic. The one we had to chase out last year.

NeNe said...

this is totally awesome - you make me want to post my birdfeeder shots