Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I Like John McCain: The Experience Factor

Whenever one goes out in the world in search of a job the experience brought to the table is always a major consideration. Would a company be more likely to hire that person with years of experience and proven capability behind him, or the whippersnapper with no experience but lots of big ideas? Ideas are great, but experience counts for something. I prefer the tested and proven candidate myself, rather than taking a chance on the unproven and unknown.

What I like about John McCain today is that he (not quite like Reagan, because there was only one Reagan!) makes me feel assured that terrorists are not welcome here; that he will rise to any challenge on the national security front and face it head on. I already know he has courage. I already know he has honor. His experience shows me that.

I like that he is a member of over 30 organizations including the Purple Heart Association (which tells me that he fought for me), the Francis Scott Key Foundation and the Sons of the Revolution, to name three.

I like that he has served Americans in Washington since 1982 - I haven't always agreed with him, to be sure, but I like that he sticks up for what he thinks is right and he fights for it. He's the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, to name one of six or so. I believe McCain knows Washington but he's not owned by it. He will continue to fight for me and for America just as he has his whole life. He owns up to his mistakes, admits when he is wrong and admits when he has used poor judgment. His experience shows me that, too. He's not perfect. But I trust him and I trust his experience.

So what I like about John McCain today is his years of experience, not just in Washington but fighting for America!

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Anonymous said...

Experience is key.

Before Obama became a real possiblity for the presidency, I thought the vetting process would eliminate him because of his lack of experience. (I know, I know Sarah Palin and how she is one heart beat away from the presidency, but Obama could very well be the heart beat of the presidency.)
I remember Obama saying he wants to sit down with Iranian President Mahmoud IminaJihad and other terrorist state leaders without conditions. So, in other words he wants to give these people credence on the world stage. Now that’s comforting diplomatic policy that favors the safety of the free world.

That is exactly what pissant tyrants want, power on the world stage and Obama want to give it to them.

For Obama, unfortunately, in my life experience, I remember November
4,1979 (and the events leading up to that day) and the 444 days that followed), and how someone who had no clue (Jimmy Carter) handled this crisis and many other problems that arose during his presidency. Oh, I forgot he didn’t know how handle them, he didn't have the experience or more likely the judgment to handle them. His solution, "SUCK IT UP. LIVE WITH IT!" (I'm paraphrasing here.)

(For those who don’t know what happened on November 4, 1979 and the 444 days afterwards, look up American Hostages in Tehran.

The United States was about to go to war with Iran (not really, because we had a president at that time who wanted to sit down and talk with and understand what the terrorists were thinking in order to solve the problem.

By the way several American lives were lost in the taking of the hostages and a failed rescue attempt that Carter planned with little or no military input, because he knew best.

It took a president who wasn't going to pussyfoot around with Iran to get the hostages free, and the hostages were freed the exact second that president finished his oath of office.

We all would like to be able to sit down with someone who wants to kill American infidels and wipe Israel off the face of the earth and tell them how much we love life and want to be left alone, maybe just maybe the terrorist (whose sole goal in life is to cleanse the earth from infidels and anything not in accordance to Islam) will understand and say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I will leave you alone.”
Yes, we would like sit down with those who want to kill us and make peace, but it isn’t going to happen.

Experience and looking back in to past events, and should I dare say Christian beliefs and what the Bible predicts will happen, forms my opinions.

So, considering I do support a ticket with Palin on it and not Obama may have to do more with judgment than it does experience.