Monday, July 6, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Okay so I've been dragged into the latest meme - the Honest Scrap Award. I've been hit twice (by Grandpa John and Trog) so I guess I better play along! Besides, as Trog says, at least we all link each other. The theory is that I have to nominate seven other lucky bloggers (and hope they haven't been named yet) and list ten honest things about myself.

First the lucky nominees:
Caught Him With a Corndog
Cynthia Yockey
The Sundries Shack
My Bossier
Generation Patriot
Left Coast Rebel

Ten things.......
1. I love thunderstorms.
2. I have no fashion sense or care to; I wear jeans and t-shirts every single day. When I work I rotate various shades of khaki slacks and some random shirt.
3. I live in tennis shoes (usually Nikes but I'm not picky).
4. My Boston Terrier follows me wherever I go in the house.
5. I love dark German beer.
6. I have an unnatural love for my iPhone.
7. I obsess about my blog traffic. It's never enough. Lack of traffic = some failure on my part.
8. I wish I had more time for writing.
9. Raising a teenage boy is hard.
10. If my day doesn't start out with a Diet Coke I get a headache and grumpy.

Wow. Too much information.

That is all.


Red said...

Augh! You got me!

snaggletoothie said...

I totally identify with the obsession with blog traffic. My dumb little blog averages fifty to a hundred unique hits a day. For reasons I don't understand, a few months ago I went through a few weeks when the count seldom went under 300. One day in there it got to 795, And I walked around thinking I was so smart and so in touch with the pulse of the right blogosphere and so special blah blah blah. Well the count has returned into the sixties and seventies. And I am trying to remember everything I ever knew about self-acceptance.

Pat Austin said...

I know! It's so silly. And I've never made one dime from my blog, so I'm livin' on hits!

During the school year my hits are much lower than in the summer but they're still pathetic. I keep telling myself I'm only blogging because it's fun!

I'll think I've written something really important, something great and nobody reads it, nobody comments. I write something stupid, like about Michelle's plastic belt, and people go crazy. Go figure.

Jim said...

Okay, I did mine.
You realize that this obligates you to whatever task I tag you with at sometime in the future!

sheryl said...

i read your blog every morning after checking postini. it's more fun to comment on the stupid stuff instead of the important stuff. like michael jackson in butter...or the cucumber guy!

Pat Austin said...

Be sure you take a picture of the Michael Jackson thing! :)

Jim said...

I ain't buttering my biscuit with that!