Monday, July 6, 2009

Now THIS is Transparency!

Michelle loves her plastic belt.

I've said before, I have no fashion sense whatsoever and don't pretend to, so imagine my surprise to learn what a fashion coup this belt is. One fashionista says "This belt makes such a powerful statement about empowerment but also speaks volumes about the empathy she has for the downtrodden." I didn't know a belt could be so important!

It kind of reminds me of those jellies shoes everyone was wearing in the 80s - they sort of looked like french fry baskets from the Dairy Queen.

Consider this, though. Another commenter says that maybe this belt is what Obama meant by transparency. There might be something there.


BrideOfRove said...

Is it wrong that I don't care what she wears or does? Though - how someone can say - after the $500 sneakers at the food bank selection, that her clear belt is a shout out to poor people just boggles the mind.

Nikki said...

I agree the clear belt is ugly, but I can't believe it's a topic for discussion on your blog. Does this mean you will stop criticizing people for praising her toned arms and all-American wardrobe choices since you have now joined the Michelle Obama fashion discussion?

Red said...

Those plastic shoes stunk so bad.

Pat Austin said...

I'm really not "in" the fashion discussion - I'm just goofin' on the ugly belt. I could care less what she wears or about her arms.

BrideOfRove said...

More interesting is the fact that we are paying - at minimum - $1.7 million for her personal staff each year not including her stylist and personal chef.