Thursday, March 18, 2010

$940 Billion: UPDATED

The CBO number is in - $940 billion.

Rep. James Clyburn says Democrats "are giddy" with happiness over the figure.

Will the "undecided" Dems start falling into the "yes" column like a bunch of lemmings now?

Allahpundit has three different whip counts you can consider, as of yesterday, anyway. We'll watch to see how they change now.

Melt the phones. Here's The Hill list of who you should call.

Update: Paul Ryan's office says the CBO is NOT finished with their evaluation of the bill. The actual text of the bill should be posted within the hour.

Update II: (10:27 a.m.) CBO is out NOW and says there is no official cost estimate as of yet. Dems to hold press conference shortly.

Update III: (11:56 a.m.) Obama has canceled his overseas trip to stay in DC. Hmmm - what does that mean? He needs to be around for more arm twisting? The vote isn't coming on Sunday as planned?

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david7134 said...

There is an old movie called Life With Father, it has a very young Elizabeth Taylor in a bit part. One of the scenes invloves the concept of the beginning of credit in stores. The wife purchases a pug dog and is commanded by her husband to return the item. She gets a credit and purchases clothes for one of the children. Her husband is concerned (mad) about the transaction and indicates that she is spending too much money. She has a classic statement "but the clothes are free", her reasoning is that she had the credit and could use it. The woman appears hairbrained but the thought is the same as with this congress. They feel the issue is free due to manipulation of a few numbers. This bill will cost us about one trillion a year. It will consume much of our tax revenue, even with the pending increases in the bill. Rationing will be the order of the day.

If you go to the VA and spend much time there you will here a phrase that will be much used in the coming years, "that is not my job description". I have heard this to explain many things, people in there own filth for 24 hours or more. This is government medicine. Consider what will occur when doctors unionize. Many doctors feel that their incomes have been significantly restricted over the last 20 years. Imagine what will happen when we organize.