Saturday, March 27, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Still Sick Edition

I'm on the back end of fighting the sinus crud I've had all week which has left me loopy and drained. Blogging has been practically non-existent this week and I'm scared to even look at my Sitemeter. But, I'll take it easy this weekend and rebound. On to the links:

Steve and I have been watching The Pacific on HBO. Jules Crittenden has assembled a massive reading list on Pacific related reads.

Doug Ross pairs Obama's rhetoric with the reality of his words in a must read post.

Legal Insurrection has a wonderful post on Bibi Netanyahu and Obama's shabby treatment of him this week:

In Bibi Netanyahu we see something we have lost in our leader, an unflinching sense of national destiny, an unapologetic pride in who we are and why we are, and a willingness to stand up to tyrants and neighborhood bullies regardless of the price.

Don't miss Stacy McCain's reporting from Las Vegas!

Add AT&T to the list of companies getting screwed by Obamacare. Potluck has the story.

Obi's Sister has an awesome quote of the day.

Fishersville Mike has a great blog idea.

No Sheeples Here has an awesome round up this week.

Pundette reports on what's REALLY in Obamacare.

Flopping Aces has a post on yet another Gitmo terrorist who goes free.

Bride of Rove welcomes you to Obama's Fight Club.

Okay, that's got to be it for now. I've got to get back on the couch! Stay well, people, stay well.


jill said...

So sorry you're still sick! We all know who's fault it is.

Thanks for the link. :)

Obi's Sister said...

Thanks for the link!

Sorry you're sick - we're all under the weather over here. I got to croak my way through the Easter musical this morning. Just lovely...

Bob Belvedere said...

1) Obamacare passes
2) One of its most fierce opponents gets sick

That's enough for me!

Get well soon, Pat - we need you strong for the coming battles ahead.

Red said...

You need to get stung in both cheeks by the "get better bees". Worked for me right quick and fast!