Friday, March 26, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Raises a Challenge

The Delaware Senate race just got a little more interesting with the addition of Republican Christine O'Donnell to the race. O'Donnell forces a September primary against Representative Mike Castle who is looking to move from the House to the Senate.

Could Delaware be another Massachusetts? O'Donnell another Scott Brown? Castle voted against the Obamacare bill but has recently come out against repeal of the bill which will put him at odds against Senator Jim DeMint who has repeal at the top of his agenda.

Castle's position against repeal fits right in with his moderate label; he also voted FOR Cap and Trade in the House and supports embryonic stem cell research. He's soft on immigration and voted against forbidding interstate transportation of minors to get abortions.

Christine O'Donnell, on the other hand, is a proven vote getter, having run against Joe Biden for the seat in 2008 and garnering 35% of the vote - not enough to win, but quite respectable in a state that is supposedly a blue state.

The political landscape is very different now than in 2008 and O'Donnell looks to be a strong candidate.

She's pro-life, vows to fight to reduce taxes, strengthen national security and support gun rights.

All in all it should make the race more interesting and in today's political climate, anything can happen! If Mike Castle isn't going to join the Republican fight to repeal this job-killing liberty-sucking behemoth that is Obamacare, we don't need him.

Go here to donate to O'Donnell's campaign and put a true conservative in the Senate.

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Just Observant said...

I'll probably be called a sexist, but I don't care. Why is it that conservative women are hot and liberal women look like Mary Landrieu or worse? Not to mention that they are smart, too.

Delaware Mama said...

She may be pretty, but she fails to file FEC reports, she never graduated from college, she went into default on her student loan and on her mortgage, she pays her personal bills out of campaign funds, she had to have a closed press conference to announce her candidacy because an unpaid campaign staffer showed up to ask her when she was going to pay him, the IRS has an $11k lien against her, and she hasn't held a job since 2004.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Delaware Mama pursues the tired liberal lines against Christine O'Donnell, whom I know well and who's an outstanding human being. As Christine says about the supposed lien charge against her, it's a total lie. The lien was on a house she didn't own. A small group of Mike Castle employees go around making nasty comments on Christine. If you want to learn all about Mike Castle, visit my blog at: You'll note that Castle is as corrupt as they come. You can check out Castle's record at: