Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on Taz

I've got an update on Taz, my next-door-dog who has had to undergo surgery on one of his back legs because of a birth defect. The surgery on the other leg is still down the road.

I did a post on him a couple of weeks ago and we raised about $100 on this blog to offset the $1200 surgery, the $700 follow-up, and then the $160 boarding fee after the follow up. Taz belongs to my neighbors, Donny and Gena, and they were worried that Taz might have to be put to sleep because of the birth defect affecting his back legs. The expense of getting it repaired has been staggering, and trying to keep a one year old Chow/Shepherd mix still enough to heal has been daunting.

I saw Donny and Taz outside today and went to check on him. They brought him home from the vet this week after the vet insisted on boarding him for a week to help him heal after surgery.

Taz seems just as happy as can be and bounded right up to me for a treat. He limps and walks a little funny; his leg sort of swings out to the side when he walks, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain, which is a good thing. He's got about two more weeks of having to stay kind of still so everything can heal properly inside, but he'll likely never be able to go on walks around the block or do much running. And that's okay, Donny said, as long as he isn't hurting.

Many of you have donated to his expenses and Donny and Gena want to extend their thanks and gratitude. Taz is such a loving and sweet dog. They're glad he seems happy now and doesn't seem to be bothered by his gimpy leg!


Red said...

Sweet Taz ;-)

Amusing Bunni said...

What an adorable poochie. You are so nice to help him and his family out. I hope he feels better soon.