Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bailey Gets a Treat

A little video of my grand-puppy. He's about six pounds, maybe.  We've returned safely from Dallas and the I-20 speedway.  The beer security system worked just fine (and to anyone concerned and prepared to call the child welfare people on me, it was just a joke, really.  Calm down.)

We had a great time even though the Stars lost.  We saw a great game that went into overtime.  Can you believe they charge $6.50 at the American Airlines Center for one Samuel Adams Boston Lager?  One bottle?  I have no brains.  I had three of 'em. 

Going to unpack and decompress a bit. 

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edutcher said...

My wife loves your York. We have three, and the male and one of the females had pups last year, which she sorely misses.

That clip made her day.