Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bristol Palin is Writing a Memoir

Seriously?  She's how old?  Twenty?   A memoir?  Well, okay, I guess.

I guess if you're interested in what's it's like to be on Dancing With the Stars, this is the book for you:

HarperCollins Publishers' William Morrow imprint has announced they will publish Not Afraid of Life, Palin memoir in which the former Dancing with the Stars contestant will share her life's story with readers and give them an inside perspective on the time she spent rehearsing and performing for the ABC reality dance competition last fall.  

Yeah, I think I'm going to take a pass on this one. It's got nothing to do with Bristol, per se, or Sarah Palin.  I didn't read Meggie Mac's book, either.  I'm not convinced either young lady has any insight I'd find particularly valuable or interesting at this point in their lives.


G. R. said...

That ought to be short and to the point: all two pages, including the title page.

Sarah said...

Justin Beiber or however you spell his name has one too!

I won't read Bristol's book either, but my little capitalist self says more power to them all. If someone offered me a sweet book deal, I'd be tempted to bore everyone with the mundane details of my life too. :-)

MikeAT said...

Then again our man-child president isn't 50...and has two.

Maybe one per 25 years in enough.

On a more serious note sometime later this year Manchester's final volumn of his biography of Churchill comes out...there is a man how has earned a bio.