Friday, March 25, 2011

Crushing on Bobby Darin

Back when performers had talent...


Tony said...

Too bad he's lip-synching. Where's the band? Where's the mic? Yeah, really "talented".

Pat Austin said...

Oh c'mon now Tony! Can't you get into the spirit and fun of the little video?

That aside, Darin actually did have talent. He was an accomplished songwriter, having written many classics such as Splish, Splash, Dream Lover, etc. He also played several instruments (drums, piano, guitar).

Wish I had talent like that.

Mavor said...

Man, I love Bobby Darin, but would have picked a number of better songs that he did. He was a great proponent of civil rights which he expressed with his wonderful Simple Song of Freedom. But his jazz stuff and great american song books songs are off da hook.
1. Simple Song Of Freedom (Bobby Darin)
2. Work Song (Nat Adderley/Oscar Brown, Jr.)
3. Beyond The Sea (Charles Trenet/Jack Lawrence)
4. Moritat (Mack The Knife) (Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht/Marc Blitzstein)
But I like Louisiana's own Lil' Wayne too.

G. R. said...

Yep, lip-syncing to a song he recorded without the use of an auto-tune machine. The song had more than one phrase, about bitches and ho's, repeatedly babblbled incoherently. He's actually doing some dancing and not standing in one spot gyrating in and having some sort of spasam.