Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Browser Tabs

I spent most of the day grading papers and updating grades for the end of the nine weeks reporting period.  It has been a gorgeous day and, believe it or not, I really wanted to be outside raking leaves but it just didn't happen.  (My neighbor has a wicked oak tree that sheds vigorously this time of year.)

There are a couple of quick links to pass along - as Jimmy Bise would say, "clearing the browser tabs:"

The news from Japan is worse every time I look at the news, but this video is simply incredible.  No special effects master from Hollywood could adequately replicate this video of the tsunami coming ashore.   Via Memeorandum.

Pundette rounds up a world in crisis and notes that Obama hit the links today.  Priorities.  Appearances matter.

Via Arts and Letters Daily, I found this essay fascinating.  You never know who is sitting in your classroom.  And sometimes, you do.  I've never had this exact situation, but close, and I know exactly what she's talking about.

If you live in the Houma, La. area, keep an eye out for Haze.

Michelle Malkin's family is still searching for Marizela.  Continue to spread the word, please.

Bride of Rove plays the Q&A game!

I'm going offline for the night; I'm still engrossed in my studies of the Pacific war.  I have six or seven memoirs standing by.  Yeah.  I hit Amazon pretty hard last week. 

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