Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking For a Home

This cat needs a good home.  He's a "free spirit" - i.e., outside cat and is not neutered.  The cat has been a "neighborhood cat" for a long time and Steve had been feeding him along with some other neighbors, but then the cat disappeared for months.  Everyone feared the worst but then the cat reappeared this afternoon.  Sadly, someone had taken the cat, put him in a cage inside their house, grossly underfed him, and let him become infested with fleas.  They either turned him loose or the cat made an escape, but he showed up this afternoon, asking Steve for help.

Steve has taken the poor fella to the vet to be checked out, bathed, and will board him through the weekend so he can rest up, eat, and recover a bit.  He has lost a lot of weight compared to this picture, and some hair.  His fur will grow back now that the fleas are being treated.

He's a very loving and affectionate cat and would prefer to be outdoors.  If you have a safe place, some land or a farm, maybe, and can help save this animal, please leave a comment.  The only other alternative is for us to put him back on the street and hope the same people don't recapture and mistreat him again. 

We've researched some no-kill shelters, including PetSavers, but they're full. 

Spread the word, if you will! 


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh! I'd take him in a second, but I'm in Massachusetts. Poor baby. I hope you find someone to care for him.

Lynn said...

I'd take him too if we were not so far away.

Charlene said...

All the helpful neighbors and Steve need to pool their resourcs and have him neutered. It's not a good thing to continue to support a ferrel cat that isn't.

Pat Austin said...

He's already been neutered.